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Program Lead: Pat McDaniels:

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Civil Discourse Monthly Conference Call

On March 4, 2019, Cheryl Graeve of LWVUS and the National Institute for Civil Discourse hosted a conference call that featured Pierce Godwin, a moderate conservative and director of the National Conversation Project. Pierce is the author of the paper Playbook for Engaging Conservatives. Cheryl's summary of the discussion is copied below.

In the call we: Learned ideas and language that helps engage conservatives from Pierce and are included in his paper Playbook for Engaging Conservatives

Discussed what are the key actions and behaviors that will build trust between people with very different political views

Touched on a question of if it would it be more helpful to talk about a wider range of categories than just "liberals" and "conservatives"? For example, see the seven categories reflected in the Hidden Tribes report published by the group More in Common? For those not familiar with the report, their categories are: Progressive Activists (8%), Traditional Liberals (11%), Passive Liberals (15%), Politically Disengaged (26%), Moderates (15%), Traditional Conservatives (19%), and Devoted Conservatives (6%). We may consider additional discussion of this on a future call.

Mentioned tools for National Week of Conversation - April 5-13th encouraging each one on the call to strengthen personal capacity to listen and discuss across differences by finding someone of a different life experience to have a one on one conversation with. Petti's League is using that week to interview and engage different groups to hear what voters want as we go into upcoming elections.

Next regular monthly call - scheduled for Tuesday, April 9th - at 12:00 (Noon) Pacific. We will continue the conversation with a cross partisan pair of state legislators who have worked across the aisle and trained other state legislators to create a more civil environment among policy makers. Please register here for that video conference call.