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Medicaid Reform and Expansion: A Panel Discussion

On April 20th, LWV sponsored a stimulating and multi-faceted panel discussion about the promise of Medicaid reform and the possibility of Medicaid expansion in North Carolina.

Panelists included:

  • Representative Marilyn Avila, who has represented the 40th District for five terms in the North Carolina House of Representatives, will explain what's involved in Medicaid reform.

  • Susan F. Shumaker, RN, MHA, FACHE, who serves as President of the Cone Health Foundation, will discuss the coverage gap and its economic effect on the regional and state economy.

  • Rob Luisana, a managing partner with Pilot Benefits, will explain the impact of Medicaid on North Carolina's employer and insurance markets.

Dr. Jim Foster was the League MC and the panelists were from left to right: Rob Luisana, Partner Pilot Benefits, Susan Schumaker with the cone health foundation and Representative Marilyn Avila from the 40th house district.

Dr. Jim Foster



The LWVNC statewide Health Care Roundtable, in conjunction with the NC Justice Center and the NC Community Health Center Association, were awarded a grant to work to educate local communities about the benefits of Medicaid expansion- in new jobs, in increased business activity, and in getting hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians health coverage, and to advocate on behalf of the fiscal benefits of Medicaid expansion to local legislators and local government officials. This effort is called the Close the Coverage Gap Campaign.

Please join us and help move Medicaid expansion forward in NC!

To get engaged or just find out more information please contact either:

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Close the Gap Durham CoC

The Economic and Employment Costs of not Expanding Medicaid in North Carolina