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Newsletters, Annual Meeting Reports, and Other Archived Materials

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Archived Annual Meeting Reports and Other Materials

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LWVODC Past Presidents and Management Teams

2013 LWVNC Convention Report

2015-2016 LWVODC Officers and Board of Directors

Members of the 2015 - 2016 Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.

Janet Hoy, President
Pam Oxendine, Vice President

Jean Baber, Secretary
Susan Marston, Treasurer
Eva Rogers, Director, New Members

Erin Barbato, Director, Social Media
Cynthia Mial, Director
Krishna Mondal, Director

Brenda Rogers, Immediate Past President and Nominating Committee Chair
Becky Winders, Off-Board Durham Unit Director

For the complete list of 2015 - 2016 Board Members and their contact information, click here,

Annual Meeting Reports/Workbooks/Minutes

2014-2015 Annual Meeting

Thank you, Brenda, for many great years and great words.

- 2012-2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

- 2011 Annual Meeting via E-mail and via Website. The Website version also includes the minutes of the 2011 online Annual Meeting.

- 2010 Annual Meeting Report

- 2008-2009 Annual Meeting Workbook Cover
- 2008-2009 Annual Meeting Workbook

- 2007-2008 Annual Meeting Workbook Cover
- 2007-2008 Annual Meeting Workbook

- 2006-2007 Annual Meeting Workbook Cover
- 2006-2007 Annual Meeting Workbook

- Pictures from the 2007 Annual Meeting

League Positions
- Positions archived 05/2010

List of Items Archived at the UNC Wilson Library, Manuscripts Department, SOUTHERN HISTORICAL COLLECTION

- LWV OF CHAPEL HILL CARRBORO RECORDS: Initial Inventory Organized by Roslyn Holdzkom, April 1995

- LWVODC Information and Materials Inventory (1989 - 2009)

May 5, 2016 Annual Meeting

The LWVODC Annual Meeting was held on May 5, 2016. The proposed budget and program were adopted and the minutes for the 2015 Annual meeting were approved.

LWVODC VP Eva Rogers on left, LWVODC Pres. Pam Oxendine on right

June 2016 Convention

Seven hundred fifty attendees traveled to Washington, DC last week for the 2016 Convention! It was a terrific turnout. With members from all around the country.

Brenda Rogers met with Nancy Pelosi and her staff on Lobby Day organized by LWVUS in conjunction with national convention. See picture of Brenda with the new LWVUS board with Rep. Pelosi on Brenda's Facebook page.

June 8, 2017 Annual Meeting

The LWVODC Annual Meeting was held on June 8 at 6:30 pm at Extraordinary Ventures.

Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting
Pictures from the 2017 Annual Meeting

Our guest speakers, Patrick McDonough and Matthew Clark of Planning and Transit-Oriented Development,Triangle Transit, updated the members on the Durham and Orange Transit Plans.

Members Approved:

- "Lunch with the League"
- Program Director for Events
- Adding Fundraising Team
- Creating study groups on the following topics as they relate specifically to ODC: Water Quality, Transportation, and Immigration

  • 2017 - 2018 "Officers and Board of Directors
- PRESIDENT- Pam Oxendine- Durham
- VICE PRESIDENT- Pat McDaniels- Chatham
- SECRETARY- Tara Fikes - Durham
- TREASURER- Cynthia LaMaster - Durham
- DIRECTOR (2017-2019)- Jennifer Rubin- Durham
- DIRECTOR (2017-2019)- Amy Jeroloman- Orange
- DIRECTOR (2017-2018)- Zena Alman - Durham
- NOMINATING COMMITTEE CHAIR- Leona Whichard - Chatham