Making Democracy Work

Voter Protection

The League of Women Voters is dedicated to keep the polls open and accessible to all citizens. We work to protect voting rights at the both the state and federal level.

Redistricting Reform

Take Action Now

It is critical that we organize immediately to have our Leagues attending the local boards of election meetings to advocate for the following issues:

1. Protect Sunday voting, with a special emphasis on religious accommodation. Orthodox Jews will not drive or participate in a Saturday voting day, so for those who work, Sunday is the only day for them to vote during early voting.
2. Ensure that locations for early voting are easy for college students, the elderly, rural citizens, etc. to use. Ensure that parking is available. Consider the needs of the handicapped.
3. Consider geographical location. How many miles and how long will it take for a person to get to the nearest early voting sites?

The LWV ODC is committed to attending Board of Election meetings to ensure that these issues are raised and protected. Please contact Brenda Rogers if you would like to attend your local Board of Elections meeting on behalf of the League.

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